Low Capital Requirements

Instead of approaching 6 figures for even the smallest attractions, we charge a small setup fee to turn on and custom configure your software to your needs. Then it’s just monthly fees based on the number of sites and users with access to the service.

No Technical Requirements

We’ve taken all of the complexity out of managing your software systems by managing the servers ourselves. You just use your favorite computer and an internet connection to login via a web page.

Predictable Expenses

What you see is what you get. Our prices are very up front and include everything that is needed to deliver and support your software to any computer in the world. Onsite hardware is sold separately (i.e. workstations, cameras, printers, etc.).

Never Obsolete

Upgrades are included to keep your system current. Instead of puchasing software that is out of date in 5-7 years, our systems are constantly improving with new software features and technological improvements in hardware which ensures your systems are always cutting-edge and never obsolete.

Thin-Client Technology

We use Citrix XenApp thin-client technology to deliver our desktop software over the internet. By using thin-client technology we put the majority of the processing horsepower on our side of the connection so you can effectively use almost any computer you already own. You don’t need cutting edge workstations to use our software.

Support Included

We want you to be effective with the software you subscribe to. Unlike other software, our free support doesn't expire after the first year. We provide free technical support to your entire staff by phone Mon-Fri 7a-7p PST or by email 24/7/365. We also provide free emergency after hours phone support 24/7/365 to two of your staff members per site.

Just the Facts

  • We will never hold your data hostage. Your data is YOURS!!! You can take it with you if you ever decide to cancel our services.
  • We want you to get the maximum benefit and full use of our systems. Training is available on an appointment basis.
  • By hosting your systems in a world-class datacenter you add levels of security and safety that just aren’t economically possible with site-deployed software.

Why eTracktion?

eTracktion can save you time and money through its reliable cloud-based ticketing. With low monthly subscriptions, free upgrades, free training and support, free data imports, off-site data backup, no per-ticket charges, real-time reporting, and easy setup – eTracktion is the perfect companion to your business.

Contact Us

  • I’ve been very impressed with eTracktion’s support and response times. I have a support line I can call any time, day or night for emergencies. They listen to my suggestions and have even incorporated my ideas. Thanks for making my life a lot easier!

    Kathy Wellman, IT Manager – Hawaiian Falls, The Colony, TX
  • As a small waterpark, it was difficult to find a ticketing solution that met our needs at a price we could afford. eTracktion does everything we need at a very reasonable price.

    Kim Beranek – Aqua Adventure
  • We’ve used eTracktion systems for group tickets and season passes for over 10 years at 7 different parks. The service and features just get better every year.

    Evan Barnett, General Manager – Hawaiian Falls, Garland, TX
  • eTracktion's affordable pricing has completely changed the way we sell products online. With no per-ticket fees, we can offer small add-on items like meals or cooler passes and still make a profit. We don’t have to worry about our ticketing fees anymore. We just focus on making as many sales as possible.

    Alice Jordan, Accounting Manager – Hawaiian Falls, Roanoke, TX